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Trump will go down in history as many things. A racial tension-stoker. A climate change-denier. A collusion-maker, and definitely maybe even a crime-doer. But I think we can all agree that most importantly, Trump will be remembered as the fattest modern president, one that has the ghost of William Taft quietly moaning “beware the bathtubs” through the halls of the White House’s private residence.

And how does America’s thiccest POTUS maintain a body that aligns him so well with his supporters? How does a man of his stature consume the energy necessary to power lengthy, rage-induced early AM tweetstorms from atop his golden toilet? According to former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and aid David Bossie, it’s by consuming a shitload of the finest reconstituted cow rectum America has to offer: McDonald’s.

The press is salivating over their new book, for a lot of reasons you’d expect: it portrays the president as a massive, stupid asshole, one who got into cursing matches with his political advisors and had his suits steamed while he was wearing them. But it also contains some choice tidbits about the Big Wet Boy’s eating habits, which as previously mentioned are way more important to the national political discourse:

Trump’s fast-food diet is a theme. “On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke,” the authors write.

There’s also an anecdote about Trump leaving a staffer at a McDonald’s because his order was taking too long, which is cold as hell. But while impressive, this is not necessarily surprising. Trump has been photographed eating McDonald’s, KFC and his own building’s taco bowls. His dietary habits, along with his barely-concealed racism and lack of macroeconomic understanding, may literally be the only thing that connects him to the average American.

crunched some numbers and found that the aforementioned order packs about 2,500 calories and about 70 grams of fat, which they note is about twice what a man his age should eat in an entire day. But again, Trump’s obsession with eating like a gross fatass is well-documented. His obsession with fast food is a combination of germaphobia, careful image crafting, convenience and genuine preference. Of course, he famously avoids exercise because he believes humans are born with a finite amount of energy (sure it’s not those bone spurs, Don?).

This is, of course, just one more thing that makes him infuriating. Despite a diet that would kill anyone else half his age, one look at his children prove that the president has genes far better than they have any right to be. Dream all you want of a McDouble-induced coronary, but he’ll still be here, hands slicked with chicken grease, or the secretions of an unconsenting woman. Either or, really.

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13 Easy Health Hacks To Get You Through The Holidays http://thelatestonline.com/13-easy-health-hacks-to-get-you-through-the-holidays/ Tue, 12 Dec 2017 06:41:14 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40218

The holiday season can quickly derail your healthy habits if you’re not prepared.

Research shows there’s a connection between the holidays and overeating that leads to weight gain, but smart eating and exercise may help counteract those negative effects. However, busy schedules this time of year often put your well-being at the bottom of your priority list. That’s why it’s crucial to implement a few simple, effective strategies to help stay on track — without restricting yourself or skipping out on the festivities.

We chatted with experts on how to feel your best this holiday season and still keep your health in check. Take a look at their advice below:

1. Go into the season with specific intentions in mind

Set a few healthy intentions before the holiday chaos commences. Is your goal to drink fewer cocktails this season? Limit yourself to one dessert at each party? Exercise three times a week? According to Lindsey Treadway, certified personal trainer and owner of Burn Boot Camp in Ashburn, Virginia, creating goals and reminding yourself why you want to stay on track is key to staying motivated when you feel overwhelmed.

2. At parties, fill up on the most nutritious options first

Instead of hovering over the cheese platter right away, look for some of the healthier options when you first arrive, suggests Jennifer Glockner, a registered dietitian and nutritionist and creator of Smartee Plate.

Glockner advises filling at least half your plate with fiber-rich fruits and veggies, which she said can help keep you full and curb overeating. The rest of your plate should be one-quarter protein and one-quarter grains. If you finish your food and want something else, go ahead and grab your favorite holiday treat so you don’t feel deprived, she explained.

“If you’re going to indulge once or twice, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty,” Glockner said.

3. Drink more water

Carry a reusable water bottle with you and make a point to refill it often throughout the day. Not only is adequate hydration key to keeping your energy up throughout the day, but Glockner said it’s also a great way to prevent overeating. Preliminary research backs this up: A study from the journal Obesity found that drinking two glasses of water before meals can help you feel fuller and consume less food.

4. Exercise in the a.m.

Scheduling a morning sweat session — before the day’s inevitable distractions and commitments arise — is key to ensuring your workout gets done. Plus, “starting the day with a metabolism-boosting workout helps us to burn more calories throughout the day,” Treadway said.

Not only that, but morning workouts energize both your body and brain, which could help you be more focused and productive at work, Treadway added.

5. Pack healthy snacks for the office

To avoid the influx of holiday treats in your workplace ― which Glockner noted are often filled with unhealthy fats and added sugars ― bring your own healthy alternatives. Pack a bag of homemade trail mix (try cashews, almonds, unsweetened shredded coconut and dark chocolate chunks) or sliced apples with cinnamon.

“Treats won’t be as appealing if you’re not super hungry,” Glockner said, “and [your] healthy snack might be just as yummy.”

6. Practice mindful eating

How you eat is just as important as what you’re putting in your mouth when it comes to nourishing your body.

“Mindless eating leads to overeating and choosing the wrong foods,” Glockner said.

Research shows people who eat while distracted (watching TV, for example) are more likely to ignore their body’s fullness cues and end up overeating. Rather than rush through your meals, practice mindful eating. Glockner advises sitting down at a table, turning off technology, chewing each bite thoroughly and savoring your food. You should also pause before taking seconds to get a sense of your fullness cues, and pay attention to how your body feels as you eat.

7. Batch-cook your foods

Meal prepping a full week of breakfasts, lunches and dinners during the holidays isn’t exactly realistic, but there are little ways you can plan ahead. Try focusing on making one or two uncomplicated, nutritious recipes in large quantities. Think veggie chili, soup or a spaghetti squash casserole you can whip up and enjoy as leftovers all week.

“Remember to cut back on salt and use spices and herbs to enhance flavor,” Glockner said. She also recommends incorporating heart-healthy oils and fats, like olive oil and fresh avocados.

8. Take a walk after lunch or dinner

Before you surrender to the post-meal slump, get moving. Treadway said walking after a meal can help facilitate digestion, balance your blood sugar, boost circulation and burn calories (if you walk briskly).

9. Move more throughout the day

“Sitting for extended periods of time has a tendency to decrease our metabolism and therefore our caloric expenditure,” Treadway said.

Small changes to your daily routine, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking around the office every hour, can help burn calories and improve your energy levels, Treadway explained. Getting your steps in has other benefits, too, like increasing circulation, strengthening your bones and improving muscle tone, she added.

10. Fuel up before you go out

“Hungry people tend to make poor food choices and fill up on processed, fatty, salty [and] sugary foods,” Glockner said.

This season, don’t head to the mall, step out for an errand or meet friends for happy hour on an empty stomach. Glockner recommends eating a small, healthy snack beforehand, like a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or whole-grain crackers with hummus.

11. Do a HIIT workout

If you’re strapped for time, opt for a 20-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session in lieu of an hour at the gym.

“Twenty minutes of high-intensity interval training is quick, effective, and can burn more fat in a much shorter time [than steady-state exercise],” Treadway said. There’s also an “after burn” effect with HIIT, which “is when your body continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours post-workout due to the excess post-oxygen consumption,” she explained.

The best part? You can do HIIT anywhere — no special equipment needed.

12. Make healthy versions of your favorite holiday treats

There are thousands of clever recipes online for clean sweets that taste just as delicious as your favorite desserts, but have only half the calories.

“Just changing one ingredient may make a difference without compromising taste,” Glockner explained. “Try replacing half of the white flour with whole wheat flour [or] substitute half the fat with applesauce or avocado.“

Other options are to use nut milks, bananas and dates as natural sweeteners, or swap refined white sugar for pure maple syrup.

13. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up

If you overindulge or get off track, don’t be too hard on yourself.

“One mistake or bad day isn’t going to ruin all of your hard work,” Treadway explained. Her advice? Just remind yourself of your goals and start again the next day.

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There’s Something Disturbing Going On Online And Every Parent Needs To Know About It http://thelatestonline.com/theres-something-disturbing-going-on-online-and-every-parent-needs-to-know-about-it/ Tue, 12 Dec 2017 06:17:31 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40215

When it comes to keeping kids entertained, sometimes the only thing a parent can do to get a moment of peace is put on a video.

While no parents would advocate letting television or online entertainment be a “babysitter,” the truth is that many parents rely on the stolen moments they gain when their child is watching Peppa Pig, even if they limit screen time. That’s why apps like YouTube Kids are so popular. Theoretically, a child can sit down with the app and watch content that’s appropriate for them, featuring the characters they know and love.

Unfortunately, the reality is much more complex. Parents have started to notice that their children have been exposed to inappropriate content on YouTube Kids, and what’s even scarier is that it’s disguised to look like the videos your kids watch on a regular basis.

Just so you know, this article will be covering sensitive topics, and some may find the images below disturbing.

A few weeks ago, the writer James Bridle published a post on Medium detailing the disturbing trend he’s noticed among children’s entertainment on YouTube Kids. The first videos he explores aren’t necessarily upsetting, but they do reveal that channels are using largely automated processes to create videos designed to game the YouTube algorithm to get a huge number of plays and thus ad revenue. This isn’t particularly shocking because YouTube channels are designed to make money. But it does get into some weird territory.

Bridle explains that these automated, algorithmic approaches to creating content for kids feel off, and they result in crazy mashups that use nursery rhymes, songs, and characters from across shows, movies, and genres. There’s nothing inherently bad about the video below, but it’s kind of weird and unsettling. But this odd use of copyrighted characters is what starts us down the path of the truly evil.

Youtube / BABYFUN TV – Latest Finger Family Songs & Rhymes

Some of the most upsetting content on YouTube Kids is disguised as a regular episode of, say, Peppa Pig. Whether it’s right away or several minutes in, these videos then turn violent, sexual, or sometimes both, exposing children to things they shouldn’t have to see. As Bridle points out, it’s easy to understand how content like this slips through the YouTube filters, but we have no idea who is creating this disturbing imagery and why.

In addition to animated content, there are also live action channels, some of which have been removed since Bridle’s article. YouTube has responded, saying it has demonetized more than 2 million videos, removing more than 150,000 of them for having inappropriate content. Still, it’s shocking that so many videos were allowed to remain up for so long, and some parents are saying this move is too little, too late.

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We were just a normal family: Che Guevaras daughter remembers her father http://thelatestonline.com/we-were-just-a-normal-family-che-guevaras-daughter-remembers-her-father/ Tue, 12 Dec 2017 05:51:05 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40212 Aleida Guevara with her father Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, Havana, 1964

On the right is my father, cigar in hand, talking to his lifelong friend Fidel Castro, a fellow communist revolutionary. The angle makes it look like my father is holding out his cigar to me, but thats not the case. It was unusual that hed smoke around me. I dont remember this picture being taken, or by whom; I was too young. Id have been around three at the time. I was born in November 1960, and Ive since been told it was 1964 in Plaza de la Revolucin in Havana.

Im the eldest of Ches four children with my mother. Papi was known around the world as the Argentine revolutionary, a guerrilla leader and major figure of the Cuban revolution, but we were just a normal family. I never felt special as his daughter. Where I did feel special was as the child of a couple who loved each other dearly.

As children, we enjoyed Papi very little. I was only six when he was executed in Bolivia 50 years ago, on 9 October, 1967. Our mother formed our values and kept him alive in our memory long after he died. She never used him as a way to tell us off or threaten us. Papi was always the good guy.

We never enjoyed any privileges: my father was opposed to that, and my mother maintained the line. When she became a widow with four small children, my fathers friends wanted to help. They couldnt replace the affection that had been lost, so tried to give us material things. My mother wouldnt permit anything at all. She told us, You must have your feet firmly on the ground, and let pass everything you havent earned yourselves. That was an important lesson.

We went through difficult periods. In my teenage years, shed make trousers for my brothers with material from her old blouses. But we were happy: wed play, wed laugh. We grew up like Cuban children, alongside the people in our community.

I was close to Fidel and comfortable with him. I have very fond memories I would call him mi to, which means my uncle. I maintained a relationship with him right up until the end of his life last year. Hes holding me and Im relaxed, smiling. My father and Fidel were always happy and joking together; there was much mutual respect and confidence there.

Fidel wanted to break the news to us children when Papi died, but my mother insisted it was her duty. But he told us that Papi had written a letter saying that if one day he fell in combat, we were not to cry for him: when a man dies trying to achieve what he wants to achieve, one doesnt need to. The next day, I was called in to see my mother, who was in tears. She sat me on the bed and pulled out the farewell letter from Papi.

When you see this letter, it said, you will know that I am no longer with you. I started crying, too. The letter was very short. It ended with the words: Here is a big kiss from Dad. I understood I no longer had a father.

I still live and work in Havana, as a paediatrician, and feel hopeful for the future of Cuba. Do I have hope for humanity? None of us has a crystal ball, but if we want a different world, we need to work to achieve it. We cant wait for it to fall out of the sky. We have a duty to forge that future ourselves.

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Liberals are threatening companies that do business in Alabama ahead of Tuesday’s election http://thelatestonline.com/liberals-are-threatening-companies-that-do-business-in-alabama-ahead-of-tuesdays-election/ Tue, 12 Dec 2017 05:05:48 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40209 That’s a nice auto industry you got there … would be a real shame if anything happened to it…

That’s the literal threat from liberal Shannon Coulter, co-founder of the #GrabYourWallet movent that looks to boycott businesses that are considered pro-Trump:

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Trumps error on Jerusalem is a disaster for the Arab world and the US too | Rashid Khalidi http://thelatestonline.com/trumps-error-on-jerusalem-is-a-disaster-for-the-arab-world-and-the-us-too-rashid-khalidi/ Tue, 12 Dec 2017 04:59:41 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40206 The presidents foolish move in recognising the city as the capital of Israel will have negative consequences impossible to predict, says Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said professor of Arab studies at Columbia University

Every time it seems Donald Trump cannot outdo himself, he does it again. Now he has announced that his administration will recognise Jerusalem as Israels capital, reversing nearly seven decades of American policy. This step will have multiple negative ramifications, many impossible to predict.

Jerusalem is the most important of the so-called final status issues that have been repeatedly deferred during the Israel-Palestine negotiations because of their extreme sensitivity. Trump has ploughed into this imbroglio like a bull in a china shop, zeroing in on the most complex and emotional issue of all those connected to Palestine.


What will US recognition of Jerusalem mean for the peace process?

The peace process has been at deaths door since the former secretary of state John Kerrys peace mission ended in failure in 2014. But the international community apart from the US is united in saying recognition of Jerusalem as the capital ofIsraelis disastrous for any hopes of reviving meaningful talks. The status of Jerusalem is one of the pivotal issues that diplomats and peacemakers have said must be agreed between the two parties in negotiations.

Palestinians will see Trumps announcement as the end of their hopes and demands for East Jerusalem as a capital of a future independent state. While few want a return to violence, many will feel diplomatic efforts have got them no closer to a state of their own.

The Israeli government will be thrilled. Ever since it captured (and later annexed) East Jerusalem in the 1967 six-day war, Israel has claimed the city as its eternal and undivided capital, and has longed for international recognition. Some 200,000 Israelis living in illegal settlements will also celebrate.

Jerusalem is undoubtedly the most important aspect of the entire Palestine question. It has been central to the identity of Palestinian Muslims and Christians as far back as the founding moments of both religions, and has become even more so as the conflict over Palestine has become fiercer.

The rivalry over this holy city is exacerbated by the fact that the same site the Haram al-Sharif to Muslims, the Temple Mount to Jews is sacred to both. Because of its explosive nature, this is an issue that no Palestinian politician, and few Arab leaders, would dare to trifle with.

For someone such as me, whose family has lived in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, Trumps announcement does not just mean that the US has adopted the Israeli position that Jerusalem belongs exclusively to Israel. He has also retroactively legitimised Israels seizure and military occupation of Arab East Jerusalem during the 1967 war, and its imposition of discriminatory laws on hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living there. The damage he has done will be permanent: the US cannot undo this recognition.

This act completely disqualifies the US from its longstanding role as broker, a position that Washington has monopolised for itself. So much for the pitiful peace plan that Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner was cooking up and hoping to impose on the Palestinians.

Play Video

‘It is time to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,’ says Trump video

Trumps action signals disdain for the opinion of the whole Arab world. Whatever Arab dictators and absolute monarchs may tell the Americans they depend on, the Arab peoples are unanimous in supporting the Palestinian position on Jerusalem. Their inevitable reactions to this move will impinge on vital US interests all over the region. As secretary of defense James Mattis noted in 2013: I paid a military security price every day as a commander of [Central Command] because the Americans were seen as biased in support of Israel.

This latest diplomatic fiasco is another instance of the administration showing utter contempt for the views of the rest of the world. Not one country recognises Jerusalem as Israels capital. There is a global consensus that until a settlement is achieved, it is illegitimate to prejudge or predetermine the outcome of negotiations. The US formally assured the Palestinians on this score in inviting them to the 1991 Madrid peace conference.

Of course, there is a lengthy American track record of bias in favour of Israel. No one should have expected fairness on this issue from them or from their boss.

It is now hard to see how a sustainable Palestinian-Israeli agreement is possible. True to Trump form, this is an entirely self-inflicted wound that will long echo in the annals of diplomacy. It will further diminish the already reduced standing of the US, complicating relations with allies, with Muslims and Arabs and with people of common sense the world over.

Trump, who was warned against this step by Arab, Middle Eastern and European leaders, has now made resolving the conflict over Palestine much harder, even as he has brought joy to his friends, and to their dangerous, extremist soulmates in Israel. Far from ushering in the deal of the century, as he boasted, with this foolish move Trump may usher in the debacle of the century. This is a sad day for international law, for Palestine, and for everyone who cares about peace in the Middle East.

Rashid Khalidi is Edward Said professor of Arab studies at Columbia University

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/dec/06/trump-jerusalem-disaster-arab-world-israel

‘Addis has run out of space’: Ethiopia’s radical redesign http://thelatestonline.com/addis-has-run-out-of-space-ethiopias-radical-redesign/ Mon, 11 Dec 2017 23:41:53 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40203 As Addis Ababa creaks under the weight of a mushrooming populace, sub-Saharan Africas largest housing project is under way. But who benefits?

Wrapped in a white shawl and sporting a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, Haile stares out at his cattle as they graze in a rocky patch of grass. My family and I have been here since I was a child, he says, nodding at the small, rickety houses to his right. But we will have to leave soon. In the distance loom hulking grey towers, casting long shadows over his pasture. This is Koye Feche, a vast construction site on the edge of Addis Ababa that may soon be sub-Saharan Africas largest housing project.

Koye is the latest in a handful of miniature cities that are gobbling up land all around the Ethiopian capital. Since launching the integrated housing and development plan (IHDP) in 2006, the Ethiopian government has built condominium estates like these at a pace unrivalled anywhere in Africa. To date, more more than 250,000 subsidised flats have been transferred to their new owner-occupiers in Addis Ababa and smaller towns. Situated 25km south-east of the city centre and covering over 700 hectares of land, Koye will house more than 200,000 people in row upon row of muscular concrete high-rises.

Modelled on the modernist housing estates found across the postwar west, in particular east Germany, Addis Ababas condominiums symbolise the vaulting ambition of the Ethiopian government in its efforts to manage the countrys relentless urban growth. But whether they will ever solve its housing problems is uncertain. The population of the capital alone is expected to double to more than 8 million over the next decade. The number of houses needed to meet supply is estimated to be as many as half a million, but nearly a million people languish on the waiting list for a condominium. Nationwide, the urbanisation rate is estimated to be somewhere from 4-6% per year.


  • A slum in the old Piassa neighbourhood of Addis Ababa, slated for demolition

As more and more of Ethiopias 100 million inhabitants 80% of whom still live in the countryside spill into Addis Ababa, strains on the citys land have intensified. The consequences may be explosive. Addis Ababa has run out space, says Felix Heisel, an urban expert at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Though the state theoretically owns all land, seizing it from farmers like Haile can cause problems. The masterplan shelved last year to develop farmland belonging to Oromia, the region that surrounds the capital, was the catalyst for widespread anti-government protests that led to the declaration of a nine-month state of emergency. Expanding the city is for now out of the question.

Financed entirely by public resources and without the support of foreign donors, the condominium programme has, however, won its fair share of plaudits. It represents a commitment to social housing that is rarely seen in Africa, says Patrick Lamson-Hall of New York University. It shows other African nations that Africa can solve its own problems, agrees Alazar Ejigu, an Ethiopian architect and urban planner based in Sweden.



  • Left, the half-finished Koye estate; right, the Tilu Dimtu complex, completed two years ago and now housing 10,000 people

All construction is carried out by local firms, which means employment for young men like Nibrat, who lays cement on the Koye estate. I wont be able to live here myself as I wont be able to afford the rent, he says. But I like this job and prefer it to farming. The IHDP is thought to have created semi-skilled jobs for nearly 200,000 men and women since 2006.

But it also has plenty of critics, including the World Bank, which considers it fiscally unsustainable. Those who can afford the deposit and manage to win the lottery that allocates apartments often struggle to pay off the mortgage. More than half, according to Simon Franklin of the London School of Economics, choose to rent the property out and move to places where it is easier to travel to work and find employment, or where social ties are stronger.


  • Older and cheaper apartments in Bole Arabsa

The government was too modern, too radical in its approach, says Ejigu. The building design fails to sustain peoples ordinary, traditional way of life. He and others fear that these European-style constructions breed loneliness and segregation. In the informal settlements the rich and poor live side by side, he adds. But the condominiums are socially and economically segregated. The poorest cannot afford to live in them.

The spectre of the many failed, empty high-rises littering the peripheries of cities elsewhere in Africa hangs over Ethiopias condominiums although, as Franklin notes, there is little sign of the same happening here. New estates quickly become bustling, lively neighbourhoods even while they are still half-finished building sites. Winning an apartment is an enormous asset, Franklin says. In spite of the common view that no one would want to live in them, their price keeps going up and up. His research has found that this demand is driven disproportionately by a young, urban professional class.


  • Condominiums being built outside Addis Ababa

In Bole Dimtu, a few kilometres east of Koye, thousands of such residents have recently moved in. They include middle-class professionals like Tesfaye, a government employee. He and his family of six used to live in rental housing in the heart of the capital. I won the lottery, he beams, cradling his youngest child. Its so much better here. I own this house finally Im not renting. But there are problems in Bole Dimtu, too. Water has not been running for months and mountains of rubbish pile up in public areas designed to be parks. Merchants sell water cartons from horse-drawn carts. I need water, I need water, shouts one woman as they rattle by.


  • A group of condominiums being built on the outskirts of Addis Ababa

There is another flipside that worries even the IHDPs staunchest supporters. Since its inception, the scheme has developed in tandem with a slum clearance programme in Addis Ababas inner city. In the past year the pace of demolition has quickened, with 360 hectares and more than 3,000 homes slated to be cleared over the next three years. A revived city centre and business district comprising high-rises of at least nine storeys will replace the old neighbourhoods. It is an extraordinary high-modernist project says Franklin.



  • Scenes from a slum in the Addis Ababas Piassa neighbourhood, where people are preparing for eviction

The centre is slowly being cleansed of its poorer residents, freeing up high-value land for the government to lease to private developers. The slum clearance and the condominiums are closely linked, Franklin explains. There seems to be a concerted effort to use the condominiums to suck people out of the centre. All evicted tenants are offered a condominium apartment, but many cannot afford it. The alternative for homeowners financial compensation and a new plot of land is often paltry, and usually many miles from their original neighbourhoods.

So it is for Tirualem, who has lived with her family of six in a neighbourhood called Piassa for 30 years but was recently told to move so that, she thinks, a nearby hotel can build a swimming pool. She has been promised an apartment in a new condominium estate, 20km away. We dont have the money for a condominium. And theres no work there. We are moving only because we are forced to.


  • Farmland and traditional housing next to near-finished modern apartments in Koye, the largest condominium site under construction

As Ethiopias capital creaks under the weight of its rising population, some are starting to plan for a future outside of Addis Ababa. For the first time, the governments five-year development plan has a clear urban focus, with efforts being made to promote secondary towns like Hawassa, Bahir Dar and Mekele, in part by linking them to an ambitious network of industrial parks under construction. At the same time it has begun building 1.7m new rural homes across the country.

Other schemes are also taking shape. Tsedeke Woldu, an Ethiopian millionaire and construction developer, has drawn up a plan to build 8,000 new towns across the country in partnership with local governments, hoping to stem the tide of urban migration by bringing infrastructure and jobs to rural areas. Without efforts like this you can see Addis Ababa eventually being suffocated, says Zegeye Cherenet, an architect and urban planner. Woldu intends to start work on 13 pilot towns early next year.

Will this be enough? Ethiopia has shown that in the face of seemingly insurmountable urban pressures it is possible for even a very poor country to take radical steps. But it also demonstrates their limits: the governments top-down, authoritarian approach often threatens to be its own undoing. Ethiopias government can steamroller grand plans through like few others. But the question is always the same: at what cost?

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Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/dec/04/addis-ababa-ethiopia-redesign-housing-project

Cadet Run Out of West Point After Accusing Armys Star Quarterback of Rape http://thelatestonline.com/cadet-run-out-of-west-point-after-accusing-armys-star-quarterback-of-rape/ Mon, 11 Dec 2017 18:41:11 +0000 http://thelatestonline.com/?p=40200

Madeline Lewis was born to go to West Point. She says her parents brought her home from the hospital wearing a onesie with West Point emblazoned across the chest. For several Halloweens in a row, she dressed up as a West Point Cheerleader. A picture of her in costume sits on her grandmothers desk.

West Point was just something I grew up with, Lewis says.

Lewis was a legacy cadet, the granddaughter of 1965 West Point grad Dennis Lewis Sr., who played for the practice football team, and was awarded the Bronze star with valor for his later service in Vietnam leading Army infantrymen.

As a child, Lewis was close to her grandfather. They would sit on his back porch in Ohio, eating cucumbers and tomatoes from his garden, and she would listen to his stories about West Point, back in the days.

A few days before Lewis grandfather died while waiting for a heart transplant in 2009, he gave her his Ranger tab, a military decoration signifying completion of the Armys Ranger School, the most physically and mentally demanding leadership school the Army has to offer, she said.

Dennis Lewis was buried with full military honors in West Point Cemetery. Nestled beneath a ginkgo tree, his headstone reads simply, A West Point Football Player.

After her grandfather's death Madeline Lewis became obsessed with the idea of following in his footsteps. She lost a hundred pounds, joined sports teams and won leadership positions within her Ohio high school. By senior year, she had landed two major nominations to the military academy, from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and Representative Tim Ryan.

In 2014, Lewis was admitted to West Point.

A serious knee injury during basic training that summer and a difficult relationship with her roommate nearly spelled the end for Lewis, but she fought to staya decision she now regrets.

I kick myself now for not just leaving after I got hurt, she says. But I wanted to be there.

Three weeks into the 2014 school year, Lewis, who was still on crutches and needed surgery, says she met Ahmad Ali Bradshaw, a West Point quarterback who was best friends with her roommate.

One night, as Lewis later told West Point investigators, she came back to her room after a shower. Bradshaw was there and, she claimed, he raped her.

Bradshaw denied having any sexual contact with Lewis at all, according to an internal investigation report obtained by The Daily Beast. Bradshaw also chose to not render an official statement and invoked his right to remain silent.

West Points internal investigation concluded that a consensual sexual relationship between the cadets had occurred, and a second investigation, by the Army Criminal Investigation Division and the Staff Judge Advocate, found there was insufficient evidence to charge Bradshaw with sexual assault.

Bradshaw declined to comment on the allegations when contacted by a Daily Beast reporter, and West Point denied an interview with Bradshaw, saying in an email that it was a really busy time given the classroom environment and the upcoming Army Navy activities.

The annual rivalry game is Saturday and Bradshaw, a team captain, is expected to start as quarterback.

Mentorship for Him, Detention for Her

Lewis says her roommatewith whom she often arguedtold on her for having sex in the barracks.

Lewis then filed a formal report, a copy which was viewed by The Daily Beast.

Following the report, Lewis says she underwent a rape test at the Army medical hospital, an experience she calls invasive. Then, she says, the medical team put her on 24/7 suicide watch.

If you can think of someone holding a vial of poison, and handing it off to another person because no one wanted to touch it. Thats how I was treated.

West Point launched an investigation into her claims, a school report obtained by The Daily Beast shows.

Despite Bradshaws denial of sex, West Points internal investigation led by Maj. Damon M. Torres concluded that a sexual relationship between the cadets had indeed occurred, but Torres called it consensual. It is unclear from the documents how Torres arrived at that conclusion, and West Point declined to share specifics, citing privacy for both parties.

Nevertheless, Bradshaw was charged with a violation of Article 1 of the Cadet Disciplinary Code for improper use of government facilities by way of sexual activity, which includes, but is not limited to: kissing, hand holding, and fondling, according to West Point regulations.

If you can think of someone holding a vial of poison, and handing it off to another person because no one wanted to touch it. Thats how I was treated.
Madeline Lewis

Torres recommended Bradshaw be punished with a Brigade Board, one of the most serious blemishes a cadet can receive on their record, and be enrolled in the Respect Mentorship Program, according to West Point documents viewed by The Daily Beast. The program is designed to educate cadets on moral-ethical topics, to challenge them with critical thinking experiences, and to provide structured reflection.

Meanwhile, Lewis says she was punished by being forced to do hours, what amounted to isolated detention due to her injured knee.

A second investigation by the Army Criminal Investigation Division and the Staff Judge Advocate, who advises West Point leaders on legal matters, found there was insufficient evidence to charge Bradshaw with sexual assault. Bradshaw was suspended from football for the duration of the criminal investigation, West Point told The Daily Beast in an email. West Point had previously attributed his absence from the field to an unspecified Academy matter.

When asked about Lewiss claims, West Point told The Daily Beast in a statement:

The U.S. Military Academy takes all allegations of criminal conduct seriously and thoroughly investigates alleged criminal activity. We also respect the privacy and rights of those accused and victims of crimes. The investigation concluded that there was no probable cause to believe that the alleged offenses occurred and has been closed.

The Daily Beast first learned of Lewiss report because of documents that a source inside the Army provided to The Daily Beast. The source was granted anonymity because the materials are marked For Official Use Only. (West Point said it is investigating the leak.)

The source, a high-ranking, highly decorated soldier, told The Daily Beast that the decision to disclose the files was based on his belief that Bradshaws documented honor code and behavior violations, negative observation reports, and below-average performance shows he does not have the integrity to lead men and women into potential combat or wear the uniform of a U.S. Army officer.

The documents simply show that the institutionhas to take a step back and ask itself if they are developing the next crop of Americas military leaders in a manner that drives the importance of good characters, the source said.

Lewiss complaint is one of 78 unrestricted reports of sexual assault made in the last four years at the military academy, according to statistics provided by West Point to The Daily Beast. Of those, investigators found only 27 to be substantiated, resulting in criminal charges in ten cases. Of the remaining reports, 23 were found unsubstantiated. In 16 cases, victims declined further investigation and in 11, an investigation is ongoing. One case is pending trial.

Earlier this year, a former cadet attempted to sue her West Point superiors, claiming their perpetration of a sexually aggressive culture contributed to her alleged rape in 2010.

A federal appeals court denied her request, writing that civilian courts are ill-equipped to second-guess military decisions regarding basic choices about the discipline, supervision and control of service members.

That cadet left West Point following her alleged rape in 2010, according to court documents. She went on to earn a degree from a civilian college.

The Whore of the Corps

Lewis finished the fall semester and then went on leave for knee surgery, after which she, too, doubted shed be back. By February 2015, she was sure, posting to her Facebook, I will never ever come back to a place as terrible and as small minded as West Point…I am not class of 2019 nor could you pay me enough to join an institution who treats their comrades in arms so poorly. USMA has got their work cut out for you.

Lewis says she might have stayed, but her fellow cadets werent going to let that happen.

On yik yaka social media platform, once popular on college campuses but now defunct, that allowed people in close proximity to chat anonymouslyher classmates were talking about her.

People were writing that she should be taken out back and shot, like Old Yeller, according to screenshots viewed by The Daily Beast. Other cadets called Lewis the whore of the corps, and said Bradshaws suspension had cost them the Army-Navy game in 2014. When Lewis complained to her superiors, the cadets just took their chatter to a private Facebook group, she says.


Much of that talk involved her sexual activity. Lewis said she had a sexual relationship with a few other cadets during her time at West Point, a fact that she said her classmates used to discredit her at the time.

Lewis has now transferred to a state college far away from West Point.

Meanwhile, Bradshaw became West Points star quarterback. He scored the game-winning touchdown against Navy last year, breaking Armys 14-game losing streak to its archrival.

But perhaps Bradshaw shouldnt have been playing at all.

Caught Cheating, Permitted to Play

According to a document provided by the Army source, Bradshaw has been the subject of numerous negative conduct reports besides the one involving Lewiseven violating West Points famed honor code for cheating in 2016, which should have seen him benched for the 2016 fall season but did not.

West Points honor codeA Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who dois at the center of the very being of the United States Military Academy, it says.

West Point separated 56 cadets in 2016, 10 for honor violations and 18 for other misconduct conduct. Bradshaw was not among them despite being found guilty of lying/cheating by a Cadet Honor Committee at West Point in May 2016.

His infraction involved failure to properly cite in an academic course, West Point told The Daily Beast.

A day after he was caught for an honor violation, Bradshaws tactical officer, wrote in his file: Cadet Bradshaw struggles with grades, but always attends the football study sessions and strives to help his peers within the company, militarily. His military performance has improved this term, and he is doing well in the company. Pending the results of the honor investigation, I would recommend retain.

Bradshaw's file shows the commandant imposed a series of standard sanctions, including a reduction in rank to private first class, loss of all privileges, and a suspension from representing the Academy through participation in corps squad and or club squad activities, including participating in games and competition.

Bradshaws file said these restrictions are binding and continue through successful completion of the Honor Mentorship Program. West Point told The Daily Beast that Bradshaw was placed into the program, a rigorous six-month program, where a senior member of the staff or faculty provides one-on-one mentorship to the cadet.

Yet Bradshaw started the season opener at Temple University on September 2, before he completed the program. That game he rushed 50 yards and scored a touchdown.

Bradshaw went on to set the Armys all-time single-season rushing leader record with 244 yards on 27 carries against North Texas and lead the team to victory over Navy.

In an email to The Daily Beast, West Point said that Cadet Bradshaw's subsequent participation in athletics at no time violated the terms of his honor adjudication…as the sanctions imposed by an adjudicated Honor Board are not effective until the Superintendent takes action on the case.

West Point said Bradshaws May 2016 violation was not adjudicated until November 2016after the football season was overand did not become effective until West Points superintendent took action on the honor case in Feb. 2017, during the football off-season.

The timing of the Honor Board and the action taken by the Superintendent followed the typical timeline for other cases that year and no special consideration was given to Cadet Bradshaw, West Point said.

The Superintendent's action document reflects that Cadet Bradshaw was to be suspended from participation in intercollegiate athletics, West Point told The Daily Beast, meaning that Bradshaw would be barred from playing Army football games when there were no football games to play, between February and August 2017.

By mid-August, Bradshaw had completed a majority of the Senior Leadership Development Program for Honor requirements, according to West Point, and on August 14, 2017, his development coach formally requested that Bradshaw be able to represent the Academy. The request was approved by the Cadet Honor Committee, Bradshaw's chain of command, and the Superintendent just in time for Army footballs season opener against Fordham University on September 1, where Bradshaw led the team to victory 64-6.

I will never ever come back to a place as terrible and as small minded as West Point…I am not class of 2019 nor could you pay me enough to join an institution who treats their comrades in arms so poorly.
Madeline Lewis

In addition to his honor code violation, Bradshaw was disciplined by his company before the fall of 2016 for an undisclosed reason related to his conduct over the summer, according to his record reviewed by The Daily Beast. West Point declined to answer why Bradshaw was disciplined.

Bradshaw didn't attend the first football season practice in August 2016 because of some administrative stuff for something on campus, Army coach Jeff Monke said at the time.

Bradshaw also did not attend the Affirmation Ceremony where cadets take the oath to finish their final two years at the academy and serve five years in the Army afterwards. Bradshaw later took the oath.

Cadet Bradshaw is currently a below-average cadet physically and militarily, his tactical officer wrote in a report after Bradshaw had failed a major course requirement for his major in system design and management in Jan. 2017.

However, he is able to meet all requirements. He has an average reputation with the company and contributed this semester. He has great leadership potential, as demonstrated in football, but has not translated into his performance in the three cadet pillars [of academics, military and physical fitness]. I feel that he can overcome this deficiency, improve and succeed at the Academy.

Bradshaw was also the subject of 15 negative cadet observation reports out of a total 20, according to a list reviewed by The Daily Beast. Four reports were positive and one neutral. The negative reports were written by Bradshaws fellow cadets and three U.S. Army majors.

West Point declined to detail the reports, but such reports generally concern breach of regulations, improper appearance and bearing, demonstration of a surly or lackadaisical attitude, or apparent lack of professionalism definitely warrant the counseling of a cadet, according to a West Point manual.

Malaise that pervades the entire institution

A West Point assistant professor, who retired from the Academy in August, blasted the academys nonexistent standards in an open letter to its graduates two months ago.

The Superintendent refuses to enforce admissions standards or the cadet Honor Code, the Dean refuses to enforce academic standards, and the Commandant refuses to enforce standards of conduct and discipline, wrote retired Army Lt. Col. Robert M. Heffington, who was an associate professor and graduate.

The end result is a sort of malaise that pervades the entire institution. Nothing matters anymore. Cadets know this, and it has given rise to a level of cadet arrogance and entitlement the likes of which West Point has never seen in its history.

Heffingtons letter came as no surprise to West Point. Three years earlier, West Point surveyed cadets and faculty who reported deficiencies in trust, honor, and toleration.

An assessment included with the survey that both cadets and faculty openly are aware of deficiencies in the academys administration of the honor system.

Cadets believe the Honor System is too random in its outcomes, has different standards for different populations, and is subject to outside influence by lawyers and officers, the report said. Staff and faculty also mistrust the system because they believe too many cadets are not being found for obvious violations of the Honor Code.

Lewis shares that opinion.

I still feel like West Point has the right idea: to take the best of the best and test them, she said. Im frustrated that theyre coddling the people who will win them games and dont care about people like me.

When asked whether she misses West Point, Lewis comes back to her grandfather.

On Monday nights, while she was still a cadet, Lewis said she would grab a sandwich and crutch her way over to the cemetery to have dinner by her grandfathers grave. She hasnt been back since July 2015.

I miss the potential that I had there, she says. I wanted to say that I did it, that I graduated from West Point. And I dont have that anymore.

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